The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre (WYHEC) is a health and care partnership member led entity. The priorities and direction of the WYHEC activities are shaped by heath and care service providers, training organisations and strategic bodies who have an interest in the training and development support staff.
We rely on engagement with our stakeholder community and health and care service providers to gain local intelligence on the training and development needs of health and care support staff workforce. We work with employers and training provider organisations to ensure that high quality and relevant training solutions are available.

Why be a member?

  • There is no cost associated with joining as a member.
  • Staff of member organisations can access a wide range of training and development opportunities free of charge. To find our more go to our training page.
  • To see the range of courses on offer go to the Skills Platform -
  • Becoming a member organisation of the WYHEC provides an opportunity for stakeholders to work collaboratively to develop and shape innovative and high quality workforce training and development solutions.
  • Members receive regular updates and information on WYHEC Activities and personal invitations to attend conferences, personal development events and stakeholder meetings.

Who can be a member?

Members include:
Employers, organisations or training providers interested in or involved in the development of the health and care support staff workforce, volunteers and carers.
Organisations that are delivering training solutions and contributing to, or participating in WYHEC activities.


Signing up as a member is not a commitment of funding. As a member you agree to receive updates from the WYHEC.

Any information you provide will be kept securely and in accordance with data protection requirements.
Organisations can cancel their membership at any time.

No cost membership model

The WYHEC have a no-cost membership engagement model. Organisations who want to members are required to sign our Membership Agreement. 

Access the WYHEC membership agreement here.
Signed copies should be returned to the WYHEC project team via email: