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Do you often think about working in the NHS but don’t really know what you could do?
Health careers' ‘Find your health career’ tool allows you to answer a series of questions which offers a list of career ideas for you to consider.


NHS Employers

Training routes into the NHS Infographic


Skills for Care .png Skills for care

Social care: a rewarding career for you. Why choose a career in social care?
This tool has been created to support anyone interested in finding out more about a career in care. The tool highlights the range of job opportunities within the care sector and how you can get into and progress a career in care.

Routeways into adult social care   ​​​
Routeways into adult social care infographic  ​​​
Want to work in adult social care? There are lots of options to help you get started.

What values do I need to work in social care?

What core skills do I need to work in social care?


Question of care header-logo.pngA question of care

A Question of Care: A Career for YOU? is an Interactive video challenge that lets you see what a career in care is like.


SkillsForHealth.jpgSkills for Health

Key Elements of the Career Framework



Is there a career for you with the National Health Service?