The West Yorkshire and Harrogate co-ordinate and work with partners to deliver a range of Celebration, Development and Learning Events, in addition to Excellence Centre stakeholder and Networking meetings which support WYHEC Governance.

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Feb 24

24 Feb 2020, 10:00 – 16:00

Learning the skill of speed writing increases the amount of information that you can capture in your notes and minutes without losing clarity and precision. This skill is especially critical where you have to record a lot of information quickly.

Unlike shorthand that takes time to learn and to adopt, the speed writing approach can be learned in a short period of time, and with practice, your speed proficiency can increase in just a few weeks.

The session includes a large number of dictation exercises to enable the practice of speed writing to become a habit.

This practical one day workshop enables delegates to:

  • Understand speed writing approaches and techniques
  • Significantly change in the way you absorb information so it can be recorded accurately
  • Apply best practice approaches to abbreviate words and phrases
  • Develop lists of the most commonly used words and make shortcuts for them
  • Abbreviate words containing prefixes and suffixes
  • Practice the techniques to develop your writing speeds
  • Understand the common pitfalls of speed writing a create approaches to remove these

Who will benefit?

Anyone who needs to increase efficiency and effectiveness when writing at speed.


  • 1 Day (10am - 4pm)
Feb 26

26 Feb 2020, 10:00 – 12:45

This highly interactive ½ day workshop is designed to highlight effective and efficient customer experience approaches for front line staff. The course provides the delegates with the techniques to provide impressive customer experience, handle complaints and effectively manage difficult situations. The workshop also provides insight into how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. The delegates will be able to build stronger and beneficial relationships with their customers and colleagues that advantage the customer’s experience

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Explain role expectations when delivering impressive customer experience
  • Evidence skills and knowledge to be able to deliver impressive customer experience
  • Understand the customer’s perspective and align their approach accordingly
  • Create positive first impressions face to face and over the telephone
  • Confidently handle challenging situations


  • 1/2 Day
Feb 26

26 Feb 2020, 13:15 – 16:00

Challenging behaviour can have positive and negative effects on difficult situations. The difference depends on your ability to identify and handle these situations whilst learning from the process. Many of the concerns that people have about tackling difficult behaviours stem from doubts about their ability to remain in control. This ½ day workshop is designed for those expected to resolve challenges as part of their responsibility by providing them with a clear understanding of how to apply ethical skills and attitudes for dealing with the interpersonal aspect of challenging behaviours.

During this very interactive workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify verbal and non-verbal messages that indicate challenging behaviours
  • The part safety, significance and own identity play in emotions
  • How emotional and rational thinking affect understanding, decision making and personal bravery
  • Understand the importance of quick action before issues escalate
  • Keep control of the situation
  • Feel more confident when handling difficult situations
  • Anticipate likely conflict and minimise its impact
  • Your influencing zone and its impact on managing challenging behaviours


Who will it benefit?

Anyone who deals with potentially charged situations involving patients, relatives or colleagues.


  • 1/2 Day
Mar 02

2 Mar 2020, 10:00 – 16:00

Time is a scarce resource and needs to be consciously managed. It cannot be wasted or channeled into activities that get us nowhere. However, it is not just the quantity of time that needs to be managed, it is also the quality. The effective reduction and prevention of stress can enhance your effectiveness while providing you with a more balanced lifestyle. The impact of prioritising time efficiently whilst managing the causes of stress has far-reaching benefits in terms of achieving objectives and team motivation. During this very interactive workshop, you will:

  • Determine how your time is currently being spent
  • Prioritise what matters most - urgent versus important
  • Develop strategies for time allocation
  • Create a structure to control time spent on tasks and activities
  • Improve the quality of your time
  • Use key assertiveness techniques to achieve goals
  • Gain an understanding of what causes stress and how to handle these causes
  • Regain personal control in work-related stressful situations
  • Create a personal action plan to manage workplace pressure and stress

Who will it benefit?

Anyone who has demands placed on their time that can impact on their productivity


  • 1 Day
Mar 05

5 Mar 2020, 09:00 – 12:30

The Care Certificate Assessor course will be half a day course aimed at senior care staff who in their role are required to assess the Care Certificate. The course will provide participants with the knowledge and confidence to be a Care Certificate Competent Assessor.