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Q1. What is an apprenticeship?

Answer 1. An apprenticeship is a job in a skilled occupation that requires substantial and sustained training, leading to the achievement of an apprenticeship standard and the development of transferable skills to progress careers.
A work-based programme, apprenticeships are an excellent way for employers to attract new and develop existing talented people.
For staff, an apprenticeship will provide significant new learning along with the opportunity to gain new skills to be occupationally competent in the role.
Every apprenticeship requires the individual member of staff “apprentice” to spend time in a learning environment. This can be a combination of face to face classroom sessions, individual assessment both relating to programme and job performance, reflective study, shadowing, webinars and enhancement placements. 

Q2. What apprenticeships are available through the Excellence Centre?

Answer 2: The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre has commissioned a range of apprenticeship provision on behalf of employers, removing the time and costs associated with sourcing high quality provision and undertaking procurement.

The Apprenticeship programmes currently on offer include:

  • Management and Leadership level 3 and 5
  • Human Resources level 3 and 5
  • Information Management and Technology level 3 and 4
  • Project Management level 4 
  • Healthcare Science levels 2, 4 and 6

See our 2018/19 Apprenticeship brochure for more information