Working in Partnership to deliver a skilled and Knowledgeable Workforce

The purpose of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre (WYHEC) is to act as a regional hub of training excellence and to ensure that high quality training and development opportunities are available for support workers across all localities in the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Region.

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The WYHEC is hosted by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Bradford District Care Foundation NHS Trust. A member-led entity, the priorities and direction of WYHEC activities are shaped by stakeholders and their knowledge of what is needed locally.
Get the background to our Excellence Centre from its beginnings in 2016 through it’s development to the centre it is today, aligning itself to the West Yorkshire and Harrogate strategic transformation plan footprint in the process.

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We aim to prioritise activities so as to support the transformation of the health& care support staff workforce & ensure that they have the skills to deliver the new models of service delivery required and to provide the highest quality care for people in the West Yorkshire and Harrogate region.



The activities of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre are aligned to the priorities of the Local Workforce Action Board and the ambitions of the regional Health and Care Partnership.
The 2018/19 Work themes for the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Excellence Centre 2018/19


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The WYHEC belongs to a network of National Skills Academy for Health (NSAH) Excellence Centres which unite employers from the NHS, independent and voluntary sectors and quality assured education and training providers - to coordinate, establish and implement high quality skills programmes.

This collaborative approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of staff recruitment, development and progression and gives healthcare employers a vital, leading role in informing the sector’s skills development provision on both a local and national scale.

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The WYHEC Team

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